Amended Codes – Regulations

On 19 March 2017, the BWF Council met in Kuala Lumpur and approved the following amended Regulations / Code of Ethics  / Codes of Conduct to replace existing and to approve new Codes.

  1. Judicial Procedures
  2. Code of Ethics
  3. Candidates for Election Code of Conduct
  4. Elected Officials Code of Conduct
  5. Bidding Organisations Code of Conduct
  6. Technical Officials Code of Conduct
  7. Players Code of Conduct
  8. Technical Officials Code of Conduct
  9. Classifiers Code of Conduct


The revised / new Regulations / Codes can be downloaded from the above – top right.

These come into force on 1 June 2017.


By 1 January 2018 the BWF will have a new numbering structure in place for all regulations – so the implementation of these above o0n 1 June 2017 is a step towards a new Handbook to be launched electronically in 2018.

Please note there may be some referencing to appendix included when we upload these onto the website and include them into the current Regulations Page (linked here).

This referencing will make it clear on how the Judicial Procedures, Code of Ethics and Codes of Conduct link to existing regulations and codes.


Please contact Stuart Borrie, COO if you have any comments to the enclosed.