Amended Regulations

In 2018, the new BWF World Tour will start.

Because of the new World Tour, the BWF has reviewed the General Competition Regulations (GCR) and associated Tournament Regulations and changes to these will come into effect as of 1 January 2018.

These amended regulations can be downloaded above.

  • Section 5.1 – General Competition Regulations
  • Section 5.2 – Tournament Related Rules

– Section 5.2.1 – Junior Tournament Regulations
– Section 5.2.2 – BWF World Tour Regulations
– Section 5.2.3 – Major Events Tournament Regulations Summary Table

  • Tournament Related Rules

– Section 5.3.1 – Tournament Sanction Policy
– Section 5.3.2 – Time Lines for Tournaments
– Section 5.3.3 – Ranking Systems

– Section – World Ranking System
– Section – World Junior Ranking System
– Section – World Team Ranking System
– Section – Explanation of Adjusted & Notional Ranking

– Section 5.3.4 – Specifications for International Standards Facilities
– Section 5.3.5 – Distribution of Prize Money (All Levels)
– Section 5.3.6 – Player Commitment Regulations
– Section 5.3.7 – Summary of GCR 21&23 (Player Clothing)
– Section 5.3.8 – Technical Diagrams and Tables – Seeding and Byes
– Section 5.3.9 – Eligibility and Processing of Entries for World Championships


Changes to the General Competition Regulations

Outside of some adjustments made to the order and structure of the document or separation of information into other sections outside of the GCR, please make note of some key changes to the regulations which will take effect 1 January 2018:

  • Revised definitions of some events and tournaments, including the structure for the new BWF World Tour (Section 2)
  • Clarified rights and responsibilities of Participants in BWF Sanctioned Tournaments (Section 4)
  • New terminology and regulations related to Player Jurisdiction and Entry in Tournaments, including Registration and Deregistration for Entry (Section 5)
  • More flexibility in eligibility for International Representation (Section 6)


The updates made are fairly significant, so it is important that you read carefully all sections of the GCR and associated Tournament Regulations so you, your teams, players, and entourage are aware and can plan accordingly.

BWF will circulate an updated version of these documents if any changes are made by the BWF Council at its meeting on 17 November 2017.


Contact – Chris Trenholme