BWF Council - May 2015


This section has the BWF constitution, guidelines, policies and other governance documents.  The technical rules governing the sport  – the Competition Regulations and Laws of Badminton – can be found under the Regulations menu. The BWF Anti-Doping Regulations are located under Integrity:

The main governance documents of the BWF are listed below and these can be downloaded above:

– BWF Constitution (AGM-16 May 2015)
– Federation Guidelines for Council – Executive Board – Committees
– Federation Rules and Procedures
– Federation Code of Ethics – Council – Executive Board – Staff
– Federation Judicial Procedures

– Guidelines for Elections
– Guidelines for Bidding Organisations – BWF Events
– Complaint Guidelines and Procedures
– Schedule A 2015


BWF Constitution – The fundamental governance document which details the principles and procedures of how the BWF is governed.  Amendments to the constitution can only be made by the membership at the AGM.

Federation Guidelines for Council – Executive Board – Committees
– Approved by the Council, this document guides the Council in its work between AGMs. This includes decision making bodies on such things as meetings and meeting procedures, duties of the members of Council, Executive Board and Committees, the role of the Committees and Commissions, athlete representatives and the roles of the President and Secretary General.

Federation Rules and Procedures
– This document is approved by the Council and it details the terms of reference for all the committees, the Council delegations, accounting, gifts and insurance principles, travel and operational expenses and managing the BWF funds.

Federation Code of Ethics – Council – Executive Board – Staff
– This document describes the various codes of conduct and the responsibilities and obligations of individuals within the BWF. It details what is acceptable / unacceptable personal conduct.

Federation Judicial Procedures
– The guidelines and describe the steps and stages an individual or organisation takes when it appeals a decision of the BWF. It describes the disciplinary and appeals processes and the rights of an appellant for a fair hearing.

Guidelines for Elections
– the guidelines are for those who are seeking elections and this describes the kind of conduct that is reasonable and fair during an election campaign.

Guidelines for Bidding Organisations
– BWF Events – the guidelines details the principles and the procedures for organisations who are bidding for BWF Events and for those who manage the process of the applications to host events.

Complaint Guidelines and Procedures
– the general guidelines for anyone who wishes to make a complaint to the BWF.

Schedule A
– this form must be completed by each Member and sent to the BWF office no later than 30 September each year. If the Members details change through the year, these new details must be registered with the BWF.