The Magnificent Four

World Team Trophies

China Wins

Uber Cup Triumph 2012

BWF World Championships

Copenhagen, Denmark 2014


Competitions and tournaments are central to sport at all levels. Competitions are a powerful tool to promote badminton and they provide a pathway for players from an entry level international competition to the highest levels where players compete against the world’s best.

BWF promotes the sport through an extensive and truly worldwide programme of events. These events have various purposes according to their level and territory in which they are held.

The world events owned by BWF seek to showcase the sport through the highest possible quality television production and broadcast. Through this, social media and profiling the stars of the sport, the BWF seeks to enhance its global fan base for the sport.

Tournament Structure

The BWF international tournament structure consists of four levels. The higher the level of tournament the larger the prize money and the better the ranking points available.

  • Level 1
    BWF World Events
    • BWF World Championships
    • Thomas Cup (World Men’s Team Championships)
    • Uber Cup (World Women’s Team Championships)
    • Sudirman Cup (World Mixed Team Championships)
    • (There is no prize money for BWF Major Events)

  • LEVEL 2
    BWF World Superseries
    • World Superseries Finals (Minimum prize pool – $500,000)
    • World  Superseries Premier (Minimum prize pool – $600,000)
    • World Superseries (Minimum prize pool – $325,000)

  • Level 3
    Grand Prix
    • Grand Prix Gold (Minimum prize pool – $120,000)
    • Grand Prix (Minimum prize pool – $65,000)

  • Level 4
    BWF Events
    • International Challenge (Minimum prize pool – $20,000)
    • International Series (Minimum prize pool – $8,000)
    • Future Series (Prize pool – up to $8,000)

  • Junior International Events
    • Junior International Grand Prix
    • Junior International Challenge
    • Junior International Series
    • Junior Future Series